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mobile car valeting southport - car shampoo I use.

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

I have been car valeting for nearly 20 years now and as you can imagine I have used many car shampoos, and do not get me wrong they all clean cars well.

so then if they all clean well, what's the difference? well its performance that I look for, what do I mean? as I said all shampoos clean the cars but some help the process a bit easier, how so? well if the car is not rinsed properly the shampoo can sometimes streak, so am always looking for a shampoo that does not streak too much, and that is easy to dry off, so what do I chose?

First of all I just use a cheap car shampoo to prepare the car before the wash, that is to get rid of the heavy dirt on the car, that is the bottom half of car, then the bugs of front of the cars wing mirrors, window screen and front end, then the wheels.

Then after jet washing the whole car, using a different bucket I wash the car with a good quality wash wax, and I use autoglym ph neutral shampoo and conditioner.

I find this one of the best that I have used over the years as it has a drying agent in it to help with the drying process, so when you rinse the car quite a lot of the water repels off.

It also gives a very good finish to the car, plus you do not have to use a lot, so it goes quite far.

Their are other good shampoos out their as well, but at the moment this is the one for me, however I will keep you posted as regards other car shampoos as I am always trying different products.  

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