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Mobile Car Valet Southport, Tips

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

Car valeting Southport, vacuuming, you would be surprised how many people Hoover their car then give the car interior a good dust down, and if your happy with doing that then fine, but would you not rather your hard work paid off, I would rather your hard work paid off.

So dust down first, all the dash, console around gear stick, top of doors, parcel shelf, as you dust down you move bits and dust around that fall to the floor, that you might of just vacuumed earlier, then give a good Hoover.

Also its best to leave cleaning your windows till after you have dusted down, I use to make this mistake, I would clean the windows then dust down with a damp cloth the dash and top of doors and so on, only to find the damp cloth would smear the edges of the windows as they meet were the dash and door panels are.

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Mobile car valet Southport, Tips

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